"Men don't talk face to face.  They talk shoulder to shoulder."


The Mossman Men’s Shed welcomes men, of all ages, and of all abilities.

Our vision is for men in our community to :

  • remain socially active, and enjoy the company of like-minded men

  • share and develop skills, particularly in manual labour such as woodwork, metalwork, maintenance skills and restoration

  • provide a safe, friendly and nurturing environment in which to do so

  • experience satisfaction from the completion of community projects

  • mentor youth from our community

  • participate in fundraising activities

  • ensure and observe safe work practices

We encourage  values of compassion, empathy, positive support and encouragement regardless of ability.

The benefits of the Men’s Shed project include:

  • mateship and encouragement

  • hands-on activities

  • sharing of experiences

  • learning and development of new skills

The Mossman Men’s Shed attracts a diverse range of men of all abilities and ages, offering a similarly diverse range of projects.

The MMS is a member of the national body,  Australian Mens Shed Association.



  • Wood Work

  • Furniture Building

  • Restoration Projects

  • Maintenance

  • Myna Bird Traps

  • Fundraising


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday  

9.30 am-1.00 pm

$10 membership fee


20 Mill St, Mossman


Jill Bradley (07) 40 98 2836 (ext. 1)



The Men's Shed have been busy building myna bird traps. If you are interested in purchasing a trap, please give us a call or drop in to the Shed on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings.