The Importance of a Youth Support Centre

Young people matter today because they are our future. Never before have youth been so high on the public agenda – both positively and negatively. Never before has so much space or resources been afforded directly to young people themselves to speak out about their concerns, interests, and aspirations. There is still, however, more to be done before all young people achieve their full potential.

Youth Centres are Supportive Environments

A youth centre is a facility designed to provide an indoor and outdoor space primarily for young people to meet with friends. The facility is utilized by young people to socialize in a safe and welcoming environment through structured and unstructured arts, cultural and sporting activities and access to a variety of services and programs

The youth centre is an invaluable resource that facilitates long-term benefits to the young people of varying communities. The key to the success of the facility is the space itself. It functions to promote a sense of ownership and freedom of expression for various social and cultural activities, including performance and social spaces for music, life skills, recreation and social interaction.

Practice Approach of MossmanYouth Centre

Young people are seen not in isolation but as members of families and of the communities within which they live.

This is associated with positive identity and positive self-worth. A sense of belonging is a basic human need. Disconnected young people are more vulnerable to mental and physical health issues and to have a range of negative issues by early adulthood.

All young people have a connection with family even it is not positive – some need support to negotiate optimal connection for their well-being.

For most young people, regardless of current circumstances, the most enduring attachments in their lives will be with family members including extended family and other kinship connections.  It is important to recognize that not all families are safe places for young people to live but with intervention this can often improve.  It is also the case that many families are not unsafe but rather are doing the best they can in difficult circumstances and may need support to provide what the young person needs. Supporting the family to support the young person is a sustainable and effective way to assist young people. 

Young people require the security of reliable guidance and boundaries, as well as the freedom to determine their own destiny.

This approach supports a young person’s push for independence and for self-determination. The young person has rights to privacy and to be the architect of their own planning for their lives. They also have the right to a service which recognizes their vulnerabilities due to their stage of development and possibly due to the impacts of past experiences, and which acts in their interests in guiding them while not dictating to them.

MossmanYouth Services approach focuses on developing the young person’s personal resources to make and sustain positive connections in their own life. This recognizes that planned support can stabilize a young person’s situation and allow space for healing to occur and for the young person to work towards their identified goals.

Programs and activities conducted at the center focus on 6 areas:

Family, friends and social networks

Education, training, and employment

Health and well-being

Volunteering and participation

Supports and services

Arts and culture


Recreation, sporting, and cultural programs are available at Mossmanyouth center. Our youth development activities at Mossman include:

·         Sports such as football,  basketball, skateboarding, water sliding, laser tag and table tennis;

·         Cultural activities;

·         Motivational presentations by guest speakers

·         Educational activities (life skills)

·         Lots of other fun stuff!

Holiday Programs

During school holidays there is a host of activities available at the Mossman youth center.

The hours of operation vary to include evening activities including night basketball, fishing, meal preparation, pool competitions, yarning circles with Indigenous Elders and much more.

Mossman youth center is a supportive environment run by qualified staff and volunteers where every young person is encouraged to reach their full potential.Contact us at Mossman Youth Centre for more information.