The Vibe and Purpose of Men’s Sheds

The shed in the backyard is a major part of Australian culture and tradition. The modern-day men’s shed is an updated version of those backyard sheds – they are scattered amongst communities and provide a space where men can gather to meet and learn new skills, talk with other blokes, make new friends and cope with some of the problems that they face in everyday life.

The primary focus and purpose of the Men’s Sheds is;

  • to provide a place for men to participate in activities to maintain good health and wellbeing;
  • to build a culture where men are welcome and where mutual respect and trust are paramount;
  • to provide opportunities for social interaction with other men, sharing knowledge and skills;
  • to create a mentoring forum where local young people can learn from an older person and vice versa;
  • to create stronger communities by supporting the good work of local community groups.

All Men’s Sheds Are Different

Not all men’s shed are the same- you might see a number of men making or restoring furniture and bicycles, making Mynah bird traps, fixing lawn mowers or making something for a community event. You might also see some younger men working with their elders, obtaining new skills and learning something about life. You might also see a group of men sitting and talking over coffee and some free scones that they received from their local community centre. Members of men’s sheds come from all walks of life but the bond that unites them is that they are men with some extra time on their hands and would like to do something meaningful and fulfilling.

A Healthy Environment

At Men’s Shed in Mossman and other parts of Australian, a local community environment is created which provides opportunities for men to reach their potential. By talking, having fun, learning and helping others, men can feel good about themselves, be productive and valuable to their local community, and learn to look after themselves physically and mentally. It is well documented that men often do not talk about their emotions and many do not take an interest in their own health and well-being. Unlike women, men are often reluctant to talk about their problems and they don’t usually ask for help. This can lead to isolation, loneliness, and depression and/or addiction issues such as drinking, gambling, and drugs.

The men’s shed at the Mossman Community Centreoperates within the framework of good nature and camaraderie. Contact us at Mossman Community Centre if you would like more information about the activities and projects that are happening.