Boomerang Bags Workshops


We welcome you to join us for our Boomerang Bags Workshops which are now being held on Thursdays from 10am- 12noon.

Volunteers will help to sew, iron and cut out recycled and reusable bags.


- These are recycled bags which are made by Volunteers using donated materials
-They are for people to "borrow and bring back"
-They can be used for collecting bread and doing your grocery shopping
-By using bags from recycled materials reduces the amount of plastic bags in the environment
-There are currently 324 `Boomerang Bag Communities’ across the globe
-By using this bag, you will be helping the environment and avoiding the use of plastics
-Did you know that Australians dispose of four billion plastic bags a year!
-Plastic is harmful to birds, marine animals and ecosystems.

You can learn more about the fabulous Boomerang Bags inititative here