Early Readers Books

Early Reader Books' – Mossman Support Services applied for funding on behalf of the `Muruku’ Art Group   to develop four early reader books in Kuku Yalanji.

Funding was received from the Aboriginal Benefits Foundation and the North Queensland Regional Aboriginal Corporation Languages Centre. 

The books were launched at this year’s NAIDOC celebration which celebrated `Languages Matter’.  A very appropriate theme for the Early Readers. The books contain simple and grammatically correct sentences in Kuku Yalanji with illustrations provided by talented local artists; Margaret Rocky, Fiona Creek, Horace Rocky and Janine Paterson. Clare Ogilvie with the support of Cissy Ross-Kelly provided the linguists for the book and also consulted with other members of the Kuku Yalanji group.

The books will be sold as a set – 4 for $20. Three books are complete with the fourth due within the next few weeks.  Once the 4th book is complete, arrangements will be made to distribute to schools and our Library.  

The individual artwork is also for sale, currently on display at the Douglas Shire Office.  Enquiries and sales of books and artwork can be directed to Jill Bradley, Mossman Community Centre – 40908 2005.