Disability Action Week 2017. Inclusion -it's a Game Changer!

On Friday 15th September Douglas Shire Councillors and business people will be competing in a scavenger hunt through the shopping precinct of Mossman. This is not any old scavenger hunt—this is a scavenger hunt with a difference. All participants in the scavenger hunt will be either in a wheelchair, on a walking frame or crutches or have some kind of ‘manufactured’ disability. This event seeks to identify just how accessible our shops and businesses are not just for people with a disability but for the elderly with mobility problems and young families with prams and children. The event also seeks to promote awareness throughout the community about people with a disability, their capabilities and contributions and to foster respect for their rights and dignity. It is also intended to foster long term positive attitudes toward people with a disability resulting in an increase in social inclusion including employment opportunities and participation in main stream sporting / civic activities that result in the development of informal networks for people with a disability.