The Program

Our program provides assistance to people in financial crisis and provides access to other services and support that can help people deal with more complex issues-including issues that have contributed to, or are a consequence of financial stress.


The program follows non-discriminatory procedures to provide consistently fair and equitable access to Mossman Community Centre.  Each referral is assessed on its own merits and the capacity of the organisation to provide support and services.


The program is multi-dimensional, with a person-centred approach to service provision for individual needs within the context of the family and community.


We provide emergency relief which is funded by the State Government of Queensland and we also receive funding from the Department of Social Services to enable us to provide a broader emergency relief programme.


To address immediate basic needs for individuals and families under financial crisis, in the form of material or financial aid, while maintaining their dignity.

Please note we do not provide cash payments under any circumstances.

More complex needs may require more intensive support including referral for financial counselling, mental health, crisis housing, drug and alcohol.


Priority is given for matters of personal safety, food, housing, essential utilities, medical crisis and children’s needs.

All requests are assessed individually on a ‘as needs basis’ :

  • food parcels

  • clothing

  • bedding

  • medication

  • transport

  • household items

  • utilities

  • emergency housing

Operating Hours

  • Monday and Wednesday

  • 10 am-12 pm

  • crisis assistance or a hot meal is available at discretion outside these hours


20 Mill St, Mossman

Further Information

To make an appointment please call (07) 40 98 2836

We strongly encourage you make an appointment as early as you can to avoid a lengthy wait for your interview.

The Emergency Relief Program is funded by the Queensland Department of Communities and the Department of Social Services (federal government funding)