During 2016 Mossman  Support Services hosted two Work for the Dole community-based programmes.

The Timber programme hosted by QITE has continued during 2017 (see above), whilst the Landscaping programme hosted by Busy @ Work concluded in March 2017.

Work for the Dole is a work experience programme which places job seekers in activities such as timber work and landscaping, where they gain skills, confidence and experience, to move from welfare to employment, while meaningfully contributing to the community.










  • develop skills

  • increase confidence

  • meet new people

  • make new contacts

  • get involved in your local community

  • meet your mutual onbligstions requirements to continue to receive income support

  • art and craft group


20 Mill St, Mossman


Community Development Officer:

Jill Bradley


Tel 4098 2836 (ext. 1)