Lifestyle Support Connections 

Lifestyle Support Connections (LSC) is an initiative by Mossman Support Services and has a 25 year history in the Douglas Shire supporting children and adults who live with a disability and their families and support networks.

Our vision is to enable you and your family greater access to a range of lifestyle support services you need as you move through the different stages of your life. If you would like further information about our programs – Simply visit our News and events page

Our lifestyle support services have a strong focus on empowering you and building on your strengths by:

  • encouraging and supporting decision-making and choice

  • developing your skills and abilities

  • adapting to meet your changing needs

  • developing resilience and independence

  • promoting and supporting inclusion in community and positive relationships

We work collaboratively with you, your Lifestyle support networks and the community to facilitate a range of support options and opportunities which promote active participation for all. We value and respect diversity and difference and have the capacity to deliver culturally appropriate services alike for children and adults.

At Lifestyle Support Connections we encourage you to be involved in planning and acquiring the community support you choose to thrive as a valued and included member of the community.

Lifestyle Support Connections will play a pivotal role in supporting you, your family and carers to take greater control of the types of community support you receive and who provides that support



·      School holiday support program

·      Weekly excursions



20 Mill St, Mossman (down the driveway at the back of the Mossman Community Centre)


Services Coordinator:

Nicola Falstein

Ph: 4098 2836

Mob: 0407 043 106

Practice Principles

We recognise people as being experts on their own life especially in terms of what works and what doesn’t.

We support people to direct all decision making processes about their life.

Our service plans are informed by each individual’s plan to ensure their relevance and responsiveness. Our responsibility to each individual is to listen to their desires and goals and to develop a Support and Funding Plan with them to achieve their goals.

We support people to live, work and play in their own community by not limiting our planning and support provision to our service environment.

We value and seek feedback about the services we provide.  We constantly review the services provided, both formally and informally, and are committed to refining our service supports so they represent value for money.

 Standard responsibilities of Lifestyle Support Connections (LSC) include:

  • assisting you to develop a plan for disability supports and services that meet your assessed needs

  • ensuring these purchases are in line with what are reasonable within Disability Services funding guidelines

  • ensuring purchases are consistent with the approved items on your plan for supports and services

  • endorsement of the plan for supports and services

  • monitoring your compliance with your agreement, plan and policies and having clear processes for non-compliance

  • ensuring services are provided in a culturally appropriate manner

  • informing you of our policies and procedures

  • developing an agreement with you that clearly identifies:

+ agreed roles and responsibilities of LSC and you as a service user

+ the supports LSC will provide and the associated fees

+ the service categories you will be able to purchase with your individual funding (based on your assessed service categories)

+ how you will report your purchases to LSC

+ how LSC will work with you to manage the funding

+ how LSC will work with you to meet the requirements of the relevant Disability Services policies